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October 20, 2006

Books about bitters

In my quest to find a usable tonic recipe I managed to spend a few days scouring the web for details. After a search that didn't produce anything usable, I remembered about Google's book digitizing program in which they made available for download numerous old books on a wide range of subjects. After spending a few more days combing through the archives I hit paydirt and found some amazing books about the essence industry as well as apothicary and formulary guides.

In order to save the same excruciating legwork for others, I am making them available here.

First we have "A Compendium of Modern Pharmacy and Druggists' formularly, circa 1886" Download here.

Next: "A cyclopaedia of several thousand practical receipts, and collateral information in the arts, manufactures, and trades including medicine, pharmacy and domestic economy" Download here.

Next: "Eichler's receipts for Fruit Syrups, Brandies, Whiskies, Bitters, Bay Rums, Gin, Cordials, &c, 1884" Download here

Next: "Beverages and their Adulteration, Origin, Composition, Manufacture, Natural, Artificial, Fermented, Distilled, Alkaloidal and Fruit Juices, 1919" Download here.

Next: "Dr Chase's Recipes on Information for Everybody: an invaluable collection of about eight hundred practical recipes for merchants, grocers, saloon-keepers, physicians, druggists, tanners..." Download here

Next: "Non-secret formulas: A collection of over four thousand formulas and one thousand prized prescriptions for the use of Physicians and Druggists..." Download here.

Next: "A book of Prescriptions, containing 3000 prescriptions" Download here

Next "The Standard Formulary, a collection of nearly five thousand formulas for Pharmacaeutical preparations, family remedies, toilet articles, veterinary remedies, soda fountain requisites..." Download here.

Finally, the best of the lot: "The manual for the essence industry comprising the most modern methods for making all kinds of essences from liquors, brandies, liqueurs and all alcoholic drinks, fruit-juices, fruit-wines and jams..." Download this gem here