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Verbena Rum Cocktail


Today I was playing around with ideas that can help use up some of my lemon verbena plant that has decided to take over the garden. I came up with a new cocktail that I am calling at this point

It's frigging hot outside cocktail.

Lightly bruise 3 lemon verbena leaves
1/2 oz lime simple syrup
1/2 oz lime juice
2 oz rum (I used Plantation 1995 run for this batch)

Shake with lots of ice, double strain - up
Garnish with small verbena leaf.

It was very tasty. I made up a big batch of lime 1:1 simple syrup today that I was going to use for some daiquiris and used some for this drink. It really worked well.

I am going to try another round with some Rhum Agricole later tonight.


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